Favorite things

So I haven’t done one of these in a LONG time. I had to search my own blog for this. I’m kinda mad that I didn’t do one in 2014. So this is going to be a thing I’ll do twice a year. I hope.

1. Ed Sheeran’s multiply / X album
I love the sound and I recently watched the documentary to go with it and I couldn’t stop watching it. I absolutely love him! I highly recommend the deluxe version but if you can’t get it, it’s still good.
2.Lime Carmex
lime carmex
This is random I know. I got this from a friend a couple of years ago and I’ve gone through three tubes since. I never thought I would like lime, there was another one that she gave away and it was vanilla and at the time I was jealous but now I don’t even care I absolutely am in love. In my area you can’t get it in any of the local grocery stores, I haven’t tried Walmart, I get mine at Walgreen’s.
3.Old Navy sweet heart skinny jeans
Women's The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans - Dark Rinse
So I got these last year and I’ve been obsessed since. So I have three pairs, all in dark wash. I got mine in the store so I could see them better and actually try them they’re a lot more jean like in real life but I still love them. I’m tall (5’9″) and I’m kinda plus size (14-16), so things have to fit correct and these are perfect. I don’t really like super skinny jeans, and these are a really elegant skinny, I can fit them in boots fine and they’re so soft!
4. Scarves

Women's Plaid Flannel Funnel-Neck Scarves - Red Plaid

So I got this scarf for Christmas and I absolutely loved it! Loved. With a d. I lost it. I don’t know where it went. I don’t know what happened, one day it was behind my door the next it wasn’t and I really miss it! It looked great with a creme sweater I have and it absolutely killed with a black beanie with it. I miss it so much! My mom has a purple scarf that she got from a friend and it looks so cute with the same sweater but it’s not the same. ūüė¶

5. gloves


So I got these gloves on clearance after I saw them in the ad and the brand in ¬†Seventeen magazine. They are the cutest things and are so warm! I love having them so much. I have another pair that I got last year from old navy and they can go from mittens to fingerless and I absolutely love them! If it’s super cold I put these under neath and put the fingerless ones on top.

6. dresses

So I can’t find any pictures of the one’s I own but I never would have even considered wearing a dress to school until this year. I don’t know what changed but something did and I absolutely love it. I have two dresses that I feel like everyone needs and I have one that I will forever cherish. I got two on clearance and one on sale. I got a strapless denim dress from Old Navy on clearance and I have never gotten more compliments wearing anything else. A lot of my friends have threatened to steal it. I have a teal dress that has small cut outs all over it from Target’s Xhiliration. I originally got it for a banquet I’m going to in May but I wore one day for a meeting we were having at school and I can’t wait to wear it when it get’s warm.then the last one is a gray jersey dress I got on sale at Old Navy. I don’t know what happened ¬†but I can’t find another sleeveless one like it but I swear it’s a jersey dress. It’s great with a military jacket I have from them.

7. Riptide-Vance Joy

I haven’t really explored with what’s he’s done but this is one of my favorite songs right now.

8.3ème Gauche (youtube channel)

If you like acoustic versions of songs I highly recommend this channel. They’ve got Bastille, Imagine Dragons, Vance Joy, Hozier, a lot of great artists doing great things.

9. Guitar lessons

my guitar

So this is my guitar, I’m almost positive. There’s different models of my guitar, but the numbers match up, and I’m doing this at night so I don’t want to take a picture because the lighting will be bad. So this is my baby. I absolutely love guitar. I’m not one of the guitar people who play for hours on end but I absolutely love playing when I do. I had to stop lessons recently but I’ll continue (with the best gosh darn guitar teacher ever) soon.

10. The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies


I saw this with two of my best friends a couple of weeks ago. A lot happened that day and it was an emotional roller coaster but I will always remember it fondly. I cried during the movie, I won’t spoil it but it was so good. I actually had to wipe my eyes with the scarf from above. Gosh this was good movie. I actually binged watched the Lord of The Rings and the other Hobbit movies the week before I saw the movie so seeing this meant a lot to me.

I’ll do another one of these as soon as I have time like this again. So hopefully soon.

So I’ll do another


it wa s a stained glass variation of truth

it wa s a stained glass variation of truth

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UGG Australia wrap boots

Guess wrist watch

Pink gold jewelry
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Illamasqua matte eye shadow
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